Why Donald Trump

I search for the truth, meaning and a higher power, but I get lost in time, the seconds, minutes and the hours, this is life, it’s bitter and the taste is sour, the consequences of putting one man in power, he feeds on the racist, their minds he devours, there will be a mess that we can’t clean up, they wanted to make America great again, did they think it was trump, I don’t think we have the answer, we don’t need a fuckin wall, we need a cure for that cancer, let’s fix our education system so these little girls don’t become dancers, these kids are growing up so much faster, how about we slow down, go back to the basics, still got white America  raising these kids racist, I don’t think you wanna trade places, why does everybody blame the gun when the kid rages, maybe the parents should be locked up In cages, probably would be if the shooter had different color faces, let’s face it, how did we let a man be our president that has so much hatred, it started as a joke, a test and he aced it, we can’t feed the poor, there was never cause for these wars but we made it, opium and oil, them fields we raided, what an epidemic these pharmaceutical companies created, now they wanna pump hope, billions into recovery, America has to be blind not to see this fuckery,  now it’s methadone and subs, Turning them into zombies, they’re still addicted to drugs, sit em in a circle, let them tell stories and give hugs, it’s all about the money, addiction is a choice, brain wash them, and then take away their voice, really, what is the point, feels like I’m talking to a wall, nobody hears me, we all crawled before we walked, mumbled before we talked, I can see it clearly now, I have the eyes of a hawk, vision of an eagle, the more I read, the more I learn America is evil, now our leader is a weasel, he don’t represent the people, he’s like a stunt devil, evil kineval, he’s appointing Supreme Court judges, how can justice be equal, simply being black in America can be lethal, they say they cured a lot diseases, have you seen chicken pox or measles, but the cure is not the answer, they get rich off the treatment of these cancers, where is common sense, not gonna keep the drugs out with a fence, it’s coming in on ships, trucks and planes, we’ll never stop it, it’s how the big wigs continue to make profits, while our kids are in mosh pits, let’s be honest, most politicians are in somebody’s pocket, it’s all a fake promise, like the stories of fake prophets, my money is spent even before it direct deposits, where is the logic, cash to plastic, changes are drastic, I can see the real Problem even though they tried to mask it, so if you don’t want the answer, don’t ask it, I tried to fight the system by myself and got my ass kicked, he shut down the government and now he wants his ass kissed, we need to come together and fight, that’ll be my last wish

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My country


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