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What I've learn most about myself Is people change, for better or worse, But not me.   I seem to change but I am the same, Same personality with the same name Perhaps it's the bottles in my mind-sea
Hidden beauty lingers, often we can not see, What the colours show so daintily, When the children play among the swings, And the red-haired angels fly with those feathered wings, Oh, how I love the thoughts in mind,
He comes into your room, And lights it up with his gold dust, Upon your head, he ruffles your hair, And fills your mind with happy thoughts, His brother is a darker soul,
Dear Child,   I want you to come into the world And I don’t mind if you cry For it means that you can breathe It means you won’t die   I will hug you to slumber
I believe in laughter, The rhythmic movements of a dance, The soft pitter-patter of rain, The rolling hills and grey smoke, The smiles of pain,   I believe in smiles,
Once my heart was full of petty things, Like dolls with tufts of hair and wedding rings, Today my heart is empty and hollow, For the rest of my life, filled with sorrow, People do not understand why
I stand there by the light, And howl under the moon, The pale face removed of blood, I feel with my icy fingers, And allow sad wisps of breath Seep along the rolling hills Where I feel at ease,
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