A Child's View - From Lonely Road (My 5th Book)

Wed, 05/25/2016 - 15:48 -- Meely

Hidden beauty lingers, often we can not see,

What the colours show so daintily,

When the children play among the swings,

And the red-haired angels fly with those feathered wings,

Oh, how I love the thoughts in mind,

When the world turns so very kind,

When the wolves howl by the crescent moon,

And the piano plays a spritely tune,

The lovers kiss, the teachers learn more,

The world is silent, to the creak of a door,

And all the fairies flutter around,

The stones skid across the river, the mud on the ground,

The water as crystal as the shining jewel,

That looks into the blue eyes of a rippled pool,

And the sun pours down like gentle rain,

The child lives in a world ridden of pain.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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