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Cessna, Have I ever told you how proud I am? How proud I am of you. You grew from a little boy of twenty-some pounds. Twenty-some pounds at four months. As you grew, you learned
Of all my fears, I never feared, That you would ever leave me.   From countless nights, To endless days, My nonsense fears, And foolish ways, Your gentle heart would calm me.  
What makes me smile each and every day? It's not something that eats hay. She's full of kisses and rolls. She'll always be up in my polls. Her name is Chubbs and she is my puppy.  
My dog really loves to be scratched On his ears and head Oscar, so cute, he makes me happy
Standed Castaway. Drifting far, far away To a sectret island.   Where the sand is white as stone and the trees are so tall they talk to the gods.   Dogs.  A mans bestfriend.
Angel is my girl I have known her since I started school She is as white as a pearl But she doesn't swim in the pool   She knows how I'm feeling Even though she may not know What I am saying
Four short legs. Blond and brown hair. Two years old. Still a baby, puppy in my eyes. So many walks. So much cuddle time. He is my love bug. My dog Clifford. =)
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