All I need is my puppy

Standed Castaway.

Drifting far, far away

To a sectret island.


Where the sand is white as stone

and the trees are so tall they talk to the gods.



A mans bestfriend.

one thing i could not live without is my pup.


Young and full of love.

His fluff keeps me warm.

He protects me when we drift.


We have grown so much since that gloomy day we washed up on the shore. 

Being thrown here without anything but each other to cuddle with.

His sweet licks heal me. 


Together we hunt through this jungle.

Climb trees.

Grawling is not our only deffense.


We have come to learn the ways of this myterious jungle.

When it rains.

When it shines.


In fact most of these wild living things have become our deer friends.

We run, we swim, we smile, we survive.

Together we thrive. 

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