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So shocked That I’m speechless For senseless Rumors that can impact The rays of the Sun.  
So... Which One Are You Really From ? By This I Mean... “ Where “... Do You Think That You BELONG... ?!!!? In A Home of WEALTHY Heirs... Or A Home That's Seen As STRONG... !!!
Why does it hurt so much? The words that fled your mouth into my ears still linger in my brain. And the promises you made, the hope you fed me and the lies I gobbled up, gullible child I am,
Where is what he fought and died for? “Who?” I hear you asking. Dedan Kimathi! The man we love to forget. The man who turns in his unmarked grave every day, The man screaming in his grave right now at our betrayal!
I am drowning in tribulations yet I laugh. I laugh at you, I laugh at me. I laugh at all of us whose lives are tough. He watches us with much glee, Seeing how he fooled us once more.
Nightfall is honest, For when the dawn comes, the sun awakens, I too.   The truth dies with rising gold, a new lie spun for all's eyes.
     Why do we exist      in riddles                          floating                      around      like space      people             defying the gravity
We have mislead opinions of ambition and incorrect assumptions of it's fastidiousness which are deposited into misspelled texts and sent to those who seek pleasure in the business of life  
When I was five years old, I believed the fairytales; Prince Charming would come save me, and love could never fail.   I thought that every bad guy would be easy to see.
why do I write? I don't, not here anyways. I don't write on this site because it's a bit of a scam.
Torn, tattered, tantalized; Illuminating darkness fills your eyes. Emotion fueled from burning lies, The truth covered with a convincing disguise
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