Poetry slam slams power poetry


why do I write? I don't, not here anyways.

I don't write on this site because it's a bit of a scam.

I don't write because some may say that I actually have itellectual talent and that it should not be wasted on some random drawing.

I don't write because no matter how good my poem maybe the fate of the prize is decided by a computer.

Not to mentiion the fact that when I write on this site they have a little disclaimer at the bottom.

And that little disclaimer says that although your poem may have been great and although you didn't win they now own it.

They have just taken hundreds of great works given out a thousand dollars and can turn around and sell the works for thousands more.

All because of that little disclaimer that says as soon as you post a poem it's no longer yours it's theirs.

And they can go and sell it as their own without any acknowledgement to you.

So why do I write? It's simple I don't, and you shouldn't either.





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