A People Fucked

Where is what he fought and died for?

“Who?” I hear you asking.

Dedan Kimathi! The man we love to forget.

The man who turns in his unmarked grave every day,

The man screaming in his grave right now at our betrayal!


He fought for humanity’s principles.

He fought for love, peace, unity too,

Good morals and non discrimination.

He fought for humanity, yes he did!


But what is this I see?

Because it sure isn’t Kimathi’s dream! Hell no!

Man eats man in this country.

Rich man digs his dirty paws into a poor man’s coffers.

I know it’s a dirty word to use,

But fucked is what you and I are, I tell you!


Kimathi died and we named a street in his honor.

Really! Is that the best we can do?

He died not for a street name,

Or even for his name to be mentioned among others once every year,

But for the idea of freedom!

Are we really free in this country?


Police beat a young male to death.

An uncle defiles his six years old niece.

A governor blatantly defies the constitution because he can.

Crime rates rise in the slums.

Careless drunks who prefer to be called drivers!

By the way road carnage is the new word in my dictionary!

Oh, believe me I know fucked is a dirty word,

But a dirty word befits us perfectly.


We are a corrupt people, so driven by greed to care for the neighbor.

I read about your sacrifice Kimathi.

But what this humanity is today renders it stupid.

I hope you aren’t wishing you didn’t die that day,

Because hadn’t you died then, you would be a sad man today.

You would die a little every day at the sight of this country.

I am telling you brother,

A people fucked is what we are!

And a dirty word suits us just fine.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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