depression anxiety selfharm cutting sadness

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The knife is bloody, long and deep, But I have promises to keep, Until then I shall not sleep, I lie in bed with ducts that weep.   I rise from my bitter bed,
You'd think lying here, my breath escaping That I'm scared I've tried pills Here I sit Both Wrists Slit I think I need my stomach pumped I'm not scared I hear someone knocking
For why must I see such angels wandering among us most just break these angels to the point  these angels wish to spread their wings and fly home i wish I could hug something so pure and apology for mankind 
Hey little girl why are you crying? Is the weight of the world on your shoulders? Did the stars fade out of the sky? Are you sad because he's always lying? Is it because you realized you're growing older?
My keeper,   This is my apology, I’ve taken you for granted. For all the times you’ve protected me, I’ve only repaid you in damage.  
When I want to express my emotions, I end up just laughing. If society knew they would deem me insane. I laugh hysterically as I burn myself. I giggle as I get catcalled. I chuckle as I watch you love her.
She couldn't speak She knew no words No words to explian the pain She knew no words Nothing but anger and sadness She didn't even know what to believe   Her heart was broken
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