To the body from the mind:

Sun, 11/19/2017 - 16:25 -- btrues2

My keeper,


This is my apology,

I’ve taken you for granted.

For all the times you’ve protected me,

I’ve only repaid you in damage.


Opposed to keeping my problems to myself;

I made selfish decisions to take them all out on you.

In order to make closure for what I see is true,

I owe this sincere apology to you.


I’m sorry for the countless nights you’ve cried yourself to sleep .

You do not deserve the bags under your eyes, the results of my mental cries.

May our slumber from now on be so peaceful and deep,

That the greatest ear in the world may never hear a peep.


I’m sorry for the toxins I have put into you,

The pills, the bleach, the glass cleaner too.

You shouldn't've had to watch your precious face turn blue.

I will never again do these sins to you.


Most of all I’m sorry for the scars,

The cuts that have made it a routine for you to always hide your left arm.

From now until forever, may we work equally together;


Body and mind, I’ll have your back as you hold my spine!

I’ll keep my chaos far away from you ,

Together we will create light so bright that I will see your unwavering value.


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