Lying on The Floor

You'd think lying here, my breath escaping

That I'm scared

I've tried pills

Here I sit

Both Wrists Slit

I think I need my stomach pumped

I'm not scared

I hear someone knocking

I think he's coming

Shit, he wasn't supposed to find me like this

My mind going a mile a minute

The love of my life,

Finding me, bloody and broken

No more pieces to put together

We were supposed to be together

The room is starting to slip away

And I hear my love say

"Please, oh god, please stay"

Thats enough to hold onto

I leach to his words and I fight off the darkness

But it's caving in

Suddenly the world goes black

I can hear his cries

Smell his cologne

And that's enough

I hold tightly onto his words

And my eyes pry open as the darkness is flooded with light

I see his face

Eyes bloodshot

Smile on his face

He holds me tight

He just saved my life.

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Wow, just wow. I love it.

s u n f l o w e r

Thank you so much, it means a lot.

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