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Some nights I won’t want to go out. Because I love you-- And because you love me-- You won’t question why.   You need some ‘guy time’.
He gave me a story, A tell of a boy who had a crush, On a girl he gave laudatory.   He was smart, With a mind like a labratory, And he even drew art.   The girl had to go,
You are blind.  Do you realize our shape? You are misfitted, who are you, one of a kind? No, I think not.   You do not come together. Instead, we're all the same but yet we are separated;
I'm stuck in my own little fantasy
The fllwing poem is two Elizabethan sonnets placed back-to-back.     Evolution favors those most adept. It favors those with knowledge to move on. So while the giraffes with the short necks slept,
In this limited mother tongueby which I communicate to you,all I can call it is love.Cannot express through the utteranceof a single word, if a father holdsa daughter in his arms for the first
Listen. Miscommunication sucks. The people involved in this travesty feel unheard and underappreciated.
A flick of the wrist An expression of surprise Nods, and eye contact Baldness and balding Business dress Causal Ties and dress shirts, Attention to detail Plead pants and shined shoes
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