One Word

In this limited mother tongue
by which I communicate to you,
all I can call it is love.
Cannot express through the utterance
of a single word, if a father holds
a daughter in his arms for the first
time with a smile like the glowing light
of the full moon, looks at his wife
and says, you're both so beautiful.

This thing we call love cannot articulate
the husband and wife, who married as teenagers
have been together for seventy years:
stood by each other, with barely any food,
thanked God for what they had;
and when he could no longer stand,
then she would pause beside him.
Nor can it show the heart struck newly weds
eager to be just like them.

Love does not express the emotions
of adolescence. Doesn't define a deceleration
with flowers, chocolates, or teddy bears. Nor
tell me if we're in a Romeo and Juliet
fin'amour named true love.
My language has been redefined
through technology and celebrities.
But fundamental element, binding our souls
is spread so thin, how could be defined?


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