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Then there was the sound of constant drumming, And the mad men clutched their temples running, And I curse the memory of the damned damp day, Cause I saw them carry my baby brother away.  
Hopeless   You turn left; Brother against brother. You turn right; Man against wife.   You fight for what you believe in, But at what cost?   You know it’s right;
My position I cannot defend I call upon no precedent No reason that I should pretend To be someone I'm not But passing years make memories dearer I want to see the picture clearer
Forgetting is the fire that burns down the building It is the one drink that flips the car Forgetting is the trigger on a double barreled shot gun A tec9 A rifle And a pump action shot gun
The valleys and hills, tumbled and tall, With ants that scurry up the wall. The red ants march, bold and pride, While the black ones live in lies. Castles built under the ground
Support. Strength. Faith. The belief in a better future. Keys to action. Keys to reaction. A dream. A leader. A desire. Keys to revolution. Keys to change.
Shush, don’t say a word, just let it happen The boot doesn’t hurt that much, and it’s cleaner then people make it sound. It’s easier just to let things happen. Right?
This word burns as it rolls off my tongue ,i can feel my ancestors being whipped as the 'r' forms on my lips i can hear the cries as soon as the 'a' drops out my mouth ,this word hold so much power it hold the tears of my genealogy it's been the
America would not be America, Culture would not be Culture, And half of us would not Be here, Without Our Civil Rights.
Do not disregard me, for I am still the same brother with which you stand in arms with. Forming chains to stand against the infringement of rights and ineqaulity, alike. Every day and every night, we rally for the same end.
I was judged before I even came out my mother's womb I was counted out and scorned despite my inner beauty All thanks to Jim Crow Thanks for your ridiculous laws based upon my ethnicity
To control your slaves, make them hate each other, And guaranteed, they will continue to for the next hundreds of years or even thousands. Has slavery really been abolished?
As I walk down the street I see children playing innocence. They don't care about you're race, gender, or difference acceptance.
During a horrific war That divided our country in two Abraham Lincoln freed all African Americans From their chains of bondage
Greater peril awaits thee if a choose to fight for us For I am not liked – my natural devil formed in birth. So they say.
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