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At the early hour Hearts are still   Echos are devoured The air is chill   This campus is not hers She's not the right kind   But she just wants To get to class on time
Sends shivers down your spine Gives you the chills Freezes you to the bone Raises your hairs   Yet it’s oh so kind It comforts us
Your mind is so full of troubles and fearsThat diminished your wonder over the yearsBut today I have a special placeA beach for us to go.
Information; information!My mind inflates from theConstant inhalationOf words   Black on white  
My house is magic in the mornings. / Somehow, while I was sleeping, the air has transformed. / It's cleaner, sharper, new-day air, now. /  My mom is on the couch, reading a book and taking large gulps of too-hot tea.
roastingwinter mealsjust beforethe snow hits,the dry chilling airencircles us twolittle penguinsin our black overcoatsas we smellsweet sugars formupon the darkening skin
Why does the songbird Always fly away When winter comes?
a quiet afternoon, a mug of coffee encased in both hands. i stare into the circle of beige, at the steam coming out of the brim, and i watch my anxieties evaporate. a blue turntable,
Night Watch   Take me back to laying on the hood of the car Watching the stars Well wishing on stars, which turned out to be Mars Just forgetting who we are
It doesn’t matter if you have blemishes from those who’ve shaped you; you are beautiful- lean and tall, getting thicker as my eyes travel down.
  Let's Chill I'm a simple girl, who likes doing simple things I want you to enjoy your leisure with me I want to be like an emollient to your soul We can engage in a dulcet conversation
I am a mess, DISTRESS in my voice, I have no choice, of the matter. Grey matter, pink matter, Distinguish however you want, to. I am a mute...   But yet still my voice rises,
Do not show jealousy in the light of a mischievous mirror For that same mirror will glare back at you in madness.
Dead Man's Fall that winds so high the brackish crags the deadly rocks clear-cut sky and the robber's den Dead Man's Fall above the stream the stream that flows so clean
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