a child's cry

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I tried to kill myself, Saying I have no other way out. Tired of my mind being filled with self doubt. Asking myself questions like should I ask for help. No body's seems to care, not even when i cry out.
Why do we do this stupid little dance? It's very well coordinated and I know the steps by heart But you don't seem to understand that with each twist and turn we destroy what we have It's broken down into simple steps
A flow from within. Deep within the soul it flows, Pouring from her eyes.
It consumes all my thoughtsTakes over my bodily functionsIt's overpoweringRuling with society's corruptionsThe darkness devouring
Concocted some bonny memories fourteenth birthday o'thine.
a child is dying inside in search of his basehead mother who could've gave birth to a crack baby although he is not exhaling life out of his soul to a crack pipe the weed in numbing his pain 
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