I tried to kill myself,

I tried to kill myself,
Saying I have no other way out.
Tired of my mind being filled with self doubt.
Asking myself questions like should I ask for help.
No body's seems to care, not even when i cry out.
It's getting cold outside,
I know I can't let all this pain decide what life is all about,
It's lonely most time with no one else around.
My head is an empty house, peopel look back as they take their last box and move out.
I can't seem to find the sun rise even though it's right out side my depression keeps me in bed with nothing left to keep me from suicide.
How much can I take before there's nothing left inside.
My demons seem to be the only ones to survive in side brain.
They don't mind a little bit if rain.
They came and stayed, when no one else wanted to help me with my pain.
Little did I know they only would take and take and take.
No one wants to put my burdens on there plate, I get it though it alot to undertake.
I can't take much more I see my body so empty laying on the floor.
Is this life really worth staying sober for.
I can't look at my med beside my bed without wanting to swallow them all down... so I let the depression show my frown.
Haven't left the house since I don't know how long.
Time is an illusion when you're left seclusion.
No motivation to fix the broken, I'm stuck in slow motion.
I keep the blood flowin down my arms.
Tell myself thus is just you are, who cares if you scar it doesn't matter anymore.
I'm tired of fighting I can't take much more.
Daddy called me a coward, his wife who's been in my life since I was nine told me if you're going to kill yourself just do already, I took her words and used them as a knife and started the slice to end my life.
Mommy doesn't know to this day but I don't know where it is she stays.
I'm tired of not being guided from those who decided to make me a creation and keep me breathing.
It's funny how they're the one who take my breath away.
They suffocate me and make it so hard to live another day.
Today marks the one year aniveratiy since i layed broken and bleeding not wanting to stay.
Those toxic people still make it hard for me even to this day it's getting cold out side maybe I'll move to a warmer place.

This poem is about: 
My family


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