a child's cry


a child is dying inside

in search of his basehead mother

who could've gave birth to a crack baby

although he is not exhaling life out of his soul to a crack pipe

the weed in numbing his pain 

suppressing the hurt that he have every time he expects you to show up for visitation

and you're a no show

when christmas arrives

he doesn't want a ps4 ,and another batman game

his greatest gift is your presence

and you go A.W.O.L.

through the years of abuse

the people that were in his path violated him

strip away his innocence

tear his integrity to pieces

dismantle his righteousness where the truth to him were all lies 

how can he trust anyone

where the trust was destroy without reason other than disgust and insanity

i can understand his defiance towards authority

because the authority that was suppose to solidify a foundation at home

is busy in love with the co-co

where her decision was impaired with stupidity

i know how he feels, i can undersatnd the sadness and sorrows

but it's like i inspired him 

when i say

to never let your pass dictate your future

you are greater than the problem

but you have to own up to what you do

and stop blaming everybody else for your traumatic events

instead, be the author that tells his own story encrypted with truth so that others don't convey with lies and false representation that doesn't define you

it's easy for people to diagnose you with symptoms that even they don't know what they're talking about

they do it anyway to make themselves look good on school record

all they really did was pathologize you to where people are frighten by your label rather than knowing your name

i know your name

you are that same person given an opportunity to rewrite history in creating your legacy

and prove yourself worthy that you are somebody

and prove to those that already wrote you off

i saw they cry pouring down from your face

i heard the sniffs of your sorrow

you can never change what happen in the past because what's done occur

use that as an inspiration to supercede cowardly acts

and never listen to those devils in your hood

although they won't mount to nothing in life, there is one trait they master very well

they know how to lie

listen to those angellic voices that constantly remind you that there is light at the end of the tunnel

question is are you going to have the heart to walk through that dark tunnel and see me as that light at the end of the tunnel



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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a true story about a young man i know

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