African American Woman

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You see before I could read,the world had already burdened mewith the color of my chocolate skin.The world had taught me thatI was less than perfect outside and within.You see I didn't begin to understand
Dear young brown girl Brown skin, kissed from the sun Brown eyes made from specks of gold Tight-coiled curls shaped like a wand From the roots of Africa To the land of the “claimed” free
My mother was a spiderBirthing six differentniggers onto a plantation,Farmed and raised by A home owner of two.  
A year ago, I stood at the edge of a cliff A steep drop-off to the unknown. I did not know if I jumped off the edge I would discover I was able to fly.  
A Modern Woman First I was a Mother.                                                                       1 Then I was an Old womb tied up in ropes. Then I was sold to give a Dopamine rush,
I’m just a young black woman, Trying to get educated. Cause one day when I have children, I don’t want to tell them how I ALMOST made it. I want to tell them how I passed,
A strand of my hair is my great grandmother.
I am an African American Woman And I was the lowest of the low in history. Thank you Lincoln for helping set me free. Thank you Mr. King Junior for speaking your dream.
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