Young, Black Woman

Sun, 09/20/2015 - 20:32 -- JPhinx
I’m just a young black woman,
Trying to get educated.
Cause one day when I have children,
I don’t want to tell them how I ALMOST made it.
I want to tell them how I passed,
And not that I was almost the last
One of my generation.
I want to tell them how I reached my dreams,
But now looking around all it ever seems
Like is that everyone’s trying to put you down.
And how they’re just sitting there,
Watching you drown.
Just watching you struggle.
But every time you lend a helping hand
It’s like “No time for you, miss. Go kick sand.”
It’s a slap in the face but I guess that’s reality
Everyone wasn’t raised the same way.
And that’s all fact and actuality.
But its all just the same,
It’s all just a tedious, strategic game.
You need to know how to talk,
Learn your ABC’s
Pull up your big girl pants, girl and walk as you please.
Because at the end of the day,
You’re still filled with issues
And sometimes there will be no one there with some tissues.
But I know I’ve made it thus far
To turn back around.
Cause I’m going to make it where everybody hears the sound.
The sound of my accomplishments,
The applause of my fans.
When everybody stands up, and gives me a hand.
So, even though I’m just a young black woman,
Trying to get educated.
One day I’m going to tell my children.
How their momma made it.
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