A Magical Journey to Myself

A year ago, I stood at the edge of a cliff

A steep drop-off to the unknown.

I did not know

if I jumped off the edge

I would discover I was able to fly.


I leaped into the void with only my dreams to guide me.

As I was in the air, I found my dreams were my wings.

My dream is for a world where all of humanity can “win”.

My dream is a passionate goal.

As I embark on the next, and perhaps most important, chapter in my life’s story

By immersing in the Film and Television major at New York University,

I will be able to obtain the knowledge and learn the skills

that enable me to make a powerful difference in the world.


I am a young black female.

I am brown-skinned, with a twist.

My mother is black and white,

And my father hails from Ghana, West Africa.

I walk in this world with an interracial and intercultural and international outlook.

I wish from the depths of my heart and soul

To  see a world where people can better relate across our differences,

And nobody is “othered” or dehumanized.


Because you must be the change you wish to see in the world,

I have devoted myself to becoming a person I can respect, admire, and love.

I practice yoga every day at the incredible Jivamukti Yoga School.

Last year, I was initiated as a Vedic meditator.

I haven’t missed a day of meditation since.

I go inside myself and out into the cosmos on a deep quest of discovery.

Within me are kaleidoscopes of visionary colors,

Inspiration, happiness, and calls to social action.

I created a beautiful website,

Where I share my visual art, my films,

And my ideas about how we can create a better world.


At college, I will master the ability to create films that catalyze social change

and generate more widespread acceptance of our human differences.

I have already accepted admission to New York University’s

Amazing Tisch School of Film and Television.

It’s a dream come true to study in an ideal setting,

Where I will be able to create films that “change minds”

and act as portals into worlds of beauty, wonder, and truth.


Throughout the past year, I have transformed.

I have evolved into a warrior for peace and freedom for all.

My weapon is my creativity.

I am determined to wield the power of vision and imagination that lies within me

And to transform lives with my films.

As I soar into the future that awaits me,

I am already witnessing the most extraordinary transformation of all:

The transformation of my dreams into realities.

Realities that teach, heal, uplift, and inspire the entire world.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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