'Abuse' 'pain' 'sadness' 'words' 'hurt

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Your secrets, you ran, ran, and ran Mother you thought you loved me wholly You pushed and forced your inadequacies on me to make yourself feel needed That feeling of need equaled love to you  
Oh love, You asked me once if it was me that was using you Or if it was him. Not him, I said. Me. And you stayed silent.
Acting okay. Asking for forgiveness, Always pretending.   Broken heart. Bridges burnt. Baby, wait please.   Crying for hours. Cutting off everyone. Can you ever forgive me?
Dear Dad,
You sit on your bed praying everything would get better but you wake  go out to eat breakfast your parents ask " whats been with you and not listening? "
  She wanted to be like them The ones with all the men With soft pink cheeks Instead, she was one of the geeks She had brains and wits
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