Your secrets, you ran, ran, and ran

Mother you thought you loved me wholly

You pushed and forced your inadequacies on me to make yourself feel needed

That feeling of need equaled love to you


Your love was toxic pressure

That pressure was used as a weapon for your own survival

That method of survival masked your demons

These demons were your undoing

You ran, ran, ran...

You ran thinking no one would notice

You ran from your demons to keep your secrets

As you fed your bullshit secrets to those who tried to help,

you laughed about their oblivion as I cringed inside myself


Your secrets I was forced to keep for fear of losing your unforeseen love.

That love lashed out at me as your demons ate your insides leaving just an empty shell of inadequacies and hate.

Your secrets, you ran, ran, and ran...

This poem is about: 
My family


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