Not What I Wanted


United States


She wanted to be like them

The ones with all the men

With soft pink cheeks

Instead, she was one of the geeks

She had brains and wits

But there she sits

In the corner with her face buried in a book

Hoping one day a handsome man would pay her a look

How she wanted the perfect body

Like the women in the movies, all so naughty

Is that what she needed to be?

As she thought about being surrounded by men she smiled with glee

She had always worried about her weight

But now she was on a date

No longer a girl with flaws

With all her makeup she resembled a china doll

With flawless skin

Super thin

And a man by her side

Who wanted no more than a pretty bride

One that would agree with all that he said

But now she thought she might be better off being dead


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Our world
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