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I'm an Asian-American psychotherapist, spoken word poet, author, and speaker on "Asian shame", addictions, and multicultural issues. I'm also an Emmy Award-Winning former television news journalist. My links: www.samlouiemft.com www.samlouiespeaks.com www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/minority-report
  Do you eat dog, Of course not! What's this? This is sashimi, raw fish for my tummy,   I see you disagree of my Asian pedigree, you find...
  Do you know Kung-Fu? Hiya!  Bruce Lee is not me, racist verbal kicks.
  Commitment is hard, a lifetime of wandering, scared to stay settled.
  Sexual filter on, scanning possibilities, women seen as prey.
Food, drugs, sex, booze, work, trauma impacts addictions, numbing emotions.