Poems from sam louie

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I'm an Asian-American psychotherapist, spoken word poet, author, and speaker on "Asian shame", addictions, and multicultural issues. I'm also an Emmy Award-Winning former television news journalist. My links: www.samlouiemft.com www.samlouiespeaks.com www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/minority-report
Wonderfully made, You know me inside and out, search me and lead me.
A wound to the heart, ander and resentment flows, forgiveness, a gift.
  Lord, I am Play-Doh, mold me, shape me, form me, God, be my true Potter.
  Uncontrollable, addictions, compulsive ways, solace in Jesus.
Lord, God, Redeemer, are you sitting on high or, with my suffering?