Your Damn Generation

Tue, 06/10/2014 - 21:42 -- WeirBr

Often times my father will say,
"whats with this generation today?"

And I'll stop and think about what we've done
that is so goddamned bad

Obviously the foriegn wars
corruption in the state

but then I think, "Oh wait thats you!"
because we still don't have a say

because in this great land of the free
you wont get any fucking sympathy
unless you're over twenty three
and white
and male
but thats not yet me! 

so violating human rights
the plethora of isms
the countless bullshit policies 
and politicians with em

I don't see how they're my faut 
but thats ok we'll have our day
we'll make the change we'll make the grade
or maybe not but who can tell?
we surely didn't make this hell.


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