You Will Find Me

When you're rushing back and forth in desperation,

You will find me

 When you're so in over your head at night under your blanket,

You will find me

 When you're so lost that you can't find your heartbeat,

You will find me

 I am not someone you know, i am not someone you cared about,

But you will find me

 When your nerves are gushing so violently with blood and your eyes streaming the rivers of your hurt,

You will find me


I never had to look for you because you were always on my mind, at night, at dawn, till the early morning sunwhen my mind exploded with your thoughts and my heart  imploded in my chest, every single word that you had ever saidin the midst of all the chaos, all the storms and all the traumas, when you close your eyes to escape it, when you smile your pretty smile to fake it,

You will find me

 I never needed someone to share my pain with, but when I was happy I felt the lonelinessI had grown accustomed to the pain and happiness felt like a different thing,

You were my different thing

 And I didnt know how badly i needed you until I met you and I didn't know how pain would become a different thing until you were no longer there  I cry sometimes to have known you,

I smile sometimes to have known you

  And at the end of your life, if you feel like you have lost and every regret you ever had suddenly comes to life and all you need is one last touch of love.. 

Just close your eyes.. you will find me.
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