You Tried

Wed, 11/13/2013 - 23:42 -- jesssj


Just one person

Hardly lacking in passion

But couldn’t possibly take the action

Stuck in a box

With nothing but your thoughts

Trying to make a move

But you haven’t got a clue

And it’s so hard to see

With that dark cloud hanging free

Setting you back

Making you aware of what you lack

And that is we call

This generation’s greatest downfall

Taking the lives of someone small

Small enough not to know

The value that could grow

But when you have such ambition

Life becomes a failed mission

And what becomes the norm

Is what makes you relatable in form

 Although education is free

It’s not as easy as play station 3

With those words that make you crack

You recline and relax

You retreat back

Where those words of what you lack

Disappear completely

And this world is seemingly yours

And as you call this place your home

You’ve signed your name in the stone

Things begin to pile high

You’re trudging to get by

But all you need is to get away from that black cloud in the sky

And then again with that temporary fix

Life becomes your own personal glitch

Just because the wires in your brain

Are off in some sort of way

They say life isn’t fair

But those hypocrites still care

Trying to rewire and rehire

What seemed to work before

But wasn’t life just a bore?

They want you to just smile

By taking all you’re feeling for awhile

Then all those things you never lacked

Passion, desire, disappear on a track

Not even a dream escapes your mind

But at least you produce a damn smile from time to time

Yea and everything’s okay

You don’t even have to say

A word

Because that would be absurd

To even express, to have the nerve

To say how you feel

To make people understand what’s real

They stick you in a bubble

But when you come out it’s such trouble

And you’re okay with sitting on the bench

You just want that chance

To show you’re not abnormal

They say it gets better

They say be patient

But how ignorant to the think

You’re just sitting in the shade

When you can’t walk into the sun

You can’t even see it

You’re not sitting in the shade

It’s a cold dark grave

And you’ve waited for that day

It’d be of use

Praying it doesn’t come by your own moves

No motivation but somehow you push through

You manage the least you can do

Each day up to your knees

The task at hand hardly a breeze

Step out into that deep blue sea              

You lose yourself into everything you can be

Because it was just too hard

To patch up the scars

Feelings aren’t worth it

You’re told to forget

The sadness in your heart

To stop caring from the start

You push it in without release

They wonder why you’re deceased


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