You Da Realist (Like a Realist)


United States
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you cannot overcome

what you don’t fear 
quit fearing my dearest 
one day you’ll be a careerist
and everyone will know 
you the realist
that’s taken two ways
like a 2014 young adult 
or as a grain of salt
because the reality is
that frugality is
your most harrowing challenge
that you must overcome
if you are to one day
become more than a one
marked on your I-9
that is to say entwined
with your lovely future-spouse
in your lovely future-house
because you want that
more than the cat in the hat
wanted to be laughed at
your fear of being adequate 
is based on no one you’ve met
you’re more than enough
you’ve got the stuff 
you’re plenty splendid
so relax my friend
and be candid



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