5 Poems About Mothers to Share on Mother's Day

Family relationships have long provided inspiration and emotional subject-matter for poets and writers. Motherhood, and the relationship between mother and child, is a topic that has been explored by many famous poets across different time periods, styles, and literary movements. Poems about mothers, written by everyone from Rupi Kaur to Edgar Allan Poe, resonate with readers while also reminding us of the complexity and unique nature of every parent-child bond.

The power of poetry often comes from its ability to creatively convey the thoughts and feelings that we have trouble expressing in everyday life. Sharing poetry as a gift or a message can serve as a heartfelt way to communicate love and appreciation — if you're looking for just the right way to reach out to the mother figures in your life around Mother's Day, try sharing one of these powerful poems about mothers.

Inspiring Poems About Mothers to Share

  1. "i will have to wait till i'm a mother" by Rupi Kaur: Each of Rupi Kaur's poems uses just a few words to paint a clear and emotional image. This poem appreciating the unconditional love and sacrifice demanded by motherhood is no different, and is written in Kaur's characteristically direct style. Read more about Rupi Kaur's work and other inspiring Instagram poets.
  2. "Morning Song" by Sylvia Plath: "Morning Song," published by Sylvia Plath in the 1960s, is a well-known poem about motherhood that is also considered one of Plath's best. In this poem, a mother speaks to the emotions surrounding her child's birth and the intimacy of tending to her crying baby throughout the night.
  3. "To My Mother" by Edgar Allan Poe: Edgar Allan Poe's poem "To My Mother" speaks not of his own mother, but of the mother to his late wife Virginia Clemm. In this piece Poe defined the term "mother" as a celebratory and devotional title, and uses it to express his love and gratitude for a mother figure who was meaningful in the life of his loved ones.
  4. "lands" by Nayyirah Waheed: This poem by Nayyirah Waheed is barely two sentences long but sends a strong message about motherhood and origins through its opening line, "my/mother/was/my first country." Waheed, known for her short lines and distinct use of punctuation, has a significant presence on Instagram and has published two collections of poetry.
  5. "What I Learned from My Mother" by Julia Kasdorf: "What I Learned from My Mother" by contemporary poetry Julia Kasdorf conveys the ways in which her mother has taught her to care for others in times of need.

Poetry about family relationships can bring meaning and connection to our lives even when it's not Mother's Day. Read more work from famous poets and the talented users on our site, explore tips for writing poetry, or submit your own work to our site to share your story and your thoughts about parenthood and family.

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