Yes, I am the nerd!

Yes, I am the nerd!

I am the young lady in the front of the class,

the overachiever,

the goody two shoes,

I am the smart one!

I talk with grammatical effectiveness!

I have the answers!

I work!

I pay!

I am the breadwinner!

I am an organizer!

Call me mom in a mocking manner, but I don’t see you complaining as I take time out of my day to tutor and guide you to completion!

Watch and listen as I score the A on the assignment that I stayed up late finishing, wearing bags under my eyes the next day.

Call me a boring drag as I turn down your offer to party on Saturday, but watch me soar as I become your superior!

Call me a recluse,

a Perfectionist,

a wonder,

but stare, flabbergasted by my leadership skills,

my compassion,

my morals that I thrive to convey every day.

Don’t look up to me for being a so called prodigy,

or phenomenon,

be influenced and motivated by my work and long hours sacrificed to accomplish my goals.

Take my words,

wisdom and effectiveness as I lead you to greatness as I fly high,

soaring the clouds,

leading the group,

attaining my dreams and goals.

Bring about a new era,

an era of working for yourself,

being independent,

and leading the way.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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