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Yes, I am the nerd! I am the young lady in the front of the class, the overachiever, the goody two shoes, I am the smart one! I talk with grammatical effectiveness! I have the answers! I work!
When we're 5 we say the darnest things, And think we will grow up to have wings.  A year goes by and we start school,  We see learning letters is really cool.  Next fall it gets a little harder, 
We say that education is a right... Yet there remains an inequality   If parents can afford to send their child to private school.. They are already at a higher level  
A dam, walled and secure. So many ideas, yet not one will come forth. A twitch of the finger- A thought, do I have one? -Only to fall flat again. Blue and purple, Blended in the cavities on my face.
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