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Don’t let people control you in your life Be your own person, be your own life guard Take action, don’t stab yourself with a knife Life isn’t a game where you throw in a card
My name is just a name to me and you!It is my name that you need to refer too.Why would you add things to it when it does not belong.Knowing these words you add to my name are just wrong.What makes you assume you can do this it isn't fair to make
Yes, I am the nerd! I am the young lady in the front of the class, the overachiever, the goody two shoes, I am the smart one! I talk with grammatical effectiveness! I have the answers! I work!
They said that I'm ugly. That my parents didnt care. They said that I was fat, And laughed when my brothers were no longer there. They said that I smelled, They laughed because the lies stayed the same.
Tell me I'm ugly. Tell me I'm sad. Tell me I'm the worst you've ever had. Tell me I'm crazy. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me you never cared all along. Tell me I'm angry. Tell me I'm dumb.
You can run, But you can't hide, From the wrongs you've done to others over time. Which face will you wear? The one that lies, Or the one that cares? No one knows untill you open your mouth,
You get judged every day  People dont know your pain What you gain people suck away Selfconfidence starts to drain  It is hard to make it through the day I cant believe my eyes
Get out of the way You’re a no one
. Too smart Too dumb, Too skinny Too fat, Attention whore, Introvert
Just because I’m labeled with ADHD
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