Yellow Bird

You never seemed capable of such change,

never dreamed that you could have forgotten

all those hot summer days we once shared.

You told me how you wanted to cut

your hair short, like a boy, how you hate

the way the long strands blow in your eyes.


The vibrancy left your once starstruck eyes.

You no longer can stomach the idea of change,

although it’s you who changed the most. Your friends hate

the fact that you seem to have forgotten

that the world does not revolve around you. You cut

them out of your life, throwing away what you once shared.


You come across a photo you once shared

on facebook; you and your friends, fire in your eyes.

You’d forgotten what ecstasy tasted like when you cut

yourself off from the world, never realizing that you would change

when you said “some things are best left forgotten,”

when you decided to screw love and thrive on hate.


You always think about all the things you hate

never giving a crap about the love you once shared

with friends who genuinely cared. You seem to have forgotten

who you used to be, the passion that once shone in your eyes

before you decided to change,

decided that certain friends just didn’t make the cut.


How did you decide what to cut,

when you went to chop off that hair that you hate?

What made you decide that it was time for a change?

Why did you burn all the memories that we shared?

What stole away all the joy within your eyes?

Where are all the good times that you’ve forgotten?


You’ve almost forgotten

what it felt like before you cut

off your hair. There’s a cloud in your eyes

blinding you from forgiving, you can only hate

the good times we once shared

from before you made the change.


You’ve forgotten what it’s like not to hate

the stories like paper cuts we once shared

back before your eyes were accustomed to change.



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