A Writer's Final Achievement


It’s that final moment.


That moment when everything is in place

And the world around you finally feels--


When you know you’ve managed to do it.

What they all said was worthless,

Or a waste a time.

You did it.


It’s that cliché light at the end of the tunnel,

The fight through a horde of darkness,

And the words in the mind that push

And push until you are on your knees.


The words flow onto the paper,

Like water bending and healing.

Each word creating a sentence,

Each sentence creating a story.

To be a writer is to tell;

It’s to share a piece of you,

That would not be shown any other way.  

It’s wanting to change a moment in a person’s life,

Temporary and lasting at the same time.

To take what you feel and show it with words.


There is no paint or charcoal,

That can mark inside of a heart the way words can.

This is what I hope,

It’s what I dream.

To share what I feel and see,

To change a piece of someone’s perspective,

Or a moment in time.

To help them see another side,

Or help them escape.


It’s that final moment.

The one I will achieve. 


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