One Job May Change Your Life

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I never knew a job can change my life. Being able to make a difference in a persons life. I had a job of my own which was to be successful in life.
Because all you have left when your family is gone when your friend have gone away when you enter in a new word a new land a new life with nothing but hope and dreams from home  
My wallet is empty.My bank account dry.I need someone to save me,or I might just cry.Work.Work.Work.My fortune is non existant,
All my life I’ve dreamed to write, To watch the letters taking flight To transport readers into space Where imaginings are commonplace   So write I will, while I wait, Hoping for that publish date
  Drip, drip, drip, heavy droplets shaped like tears flow down his cheeks Having no one to call for help, he holds himself Falling more than once, he doesn’t let them keep him down
  Asians, Caucasians, Hispanics, Blacks Italians, etc., Hippie, swagged out, preppy, classy. You look like me, you roll with me. you mess with me, I’ll deal with you.
I know when you have got a job you should get a hat and a uniform like a postmaster, they drive trucks I think it is grand and Maybe I can be one too.
The job that can change a lot Not only in my views, but also in others No matter how obsued it might sound, All I want to do is help others
when the credits roll on the movie screen i'll spot my name "that's me," i'll whisper proudly to the stranger beside me "that's me."
Ask me if I try and I'll say I do indeed for in my mind I am a knight atop my noble steed. all My life I wished and wondered if I ever could become a knight and ride my horse to protect the greater good.
As a child I watched her speak'
Sit down, be quiet, look straight, be good. Be compliant in a world full of compliance. It’s a factory and we are the product, Being expelled like toys on an assembly line.
What makes an apple change from red to black when the lights turn off? how do you decipher between genious and insanity? What allows you to feel your lovers soft skin? why are my words different than what you'd enter in?
“You only get one chance to do it right,” They say. One job One future One life One chance   “Don’t screw it up,” They say. I put in the work The back breaking,
Children with developmental disabilities   They love, They laugh,  They smile, They play, They joke, They sing, They cook, They read, They dance.  
This nagging thought that tortures my mind Is a thought that I've been thinking for a long time
I remember meeting them. it was so hot, I almost did not want to. I asked them what they like to do. They said "We like to learn." Twelve girls.  One impoverished nation.  Less than 20% literacy rate.
My little big brother, how I loved you so much, nineteen years, just wasn't enough. From the time we were little and I watched you play, I knew you would grow up, to be special some day.
~Dream Job~ Money, money, money, The world is ruled by money.  Buy water, buy food, Buy clothes, buy school.  University is all about this: Pay thousands,  To make thousands.
  Completely confused about what I want to do I never really knew how much a Job defines you Now im unemployed, and I cant buy food I guess mom did tell me “ Rey do what you need to do”
I feel the smog In my lungs, Weighing down her wings. I cough, And it sticks in my throat.   I smell the smoke Burning my eyes, Burning her roots. Centuries of hard work
A stage Bright lights
A stage Bright lights
It’s that final moment.   That moment when everything is in place And the world around you finally feels-- Right. When you know you’ve managed to do it. What they all said was worthless,
Our world is constantly changing My world is always moving, new decisions to be made daily Does being 18 really make me an adult Need some light in the darkness Remembering where I see the most light
Work isn't just "work" with my dream job Work is now a part of my heart & soul You come to see the beautiful children who have so much to live for, so much to learn, time to grow.  
2 eggs 14 ounces of sweetened milk 1/4 cup of sugar Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry 1/4 cup brown sugar
Consciously I make the decision to do.  Strive. Consciously strive to learn to make the  Unconscious conscious and  Mend the hurt and broken through Surgery. And there's a surge in me to 
I once wanted to be a princess; I could rule the world, both green and blue.
What does it mean to be happy? Money? Relationships? Material items?We strive to be the happiest we can be but how?
A job that HelpsSavesBenefitA job that CreatesCreations that HelpsSavesBenefitsI want to be an engineer
Money had is not money earned, Money used is not happiness gained.   Money gained means money lost. A business brands you with their label,  money you've lost is money they've gained.   
Teaching new students’Telling us about everythingTransforming the world   Enriching our livesEducating our futureExpanding our minds  
My dream job Oh it's not what you think See I am intelligent I was told at a young age How it screwed with my head It was always "doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher'
One job may change my life; I will hunt killers day and night. As an FBI behavioral analyst I'll get in their minds prove my masters is just right.
A dream is a vision of hope
Given in a hand like a pearl,  Authority of reign; Hand me your eyes,  Hand me your heart, Your control,  Your parts:   For what more throne can a man more want
Legs burn as Hero escapes dead arms, grapling for tasty ankles.Low trombones blast staccato, accenting each slap of trainer against pavement.  
True love never was real. Little girls and little boys, all in a sea of forgetfulness.  Innocence. We call the sexual need love,  dont wake the beast.  Underestimate its power and you will surly die.
Always been that girl. "Stupid, worthless, nothing" Daddy was never happy, the drugs made me free. As he laid on top of me, I dreamed of more. "Only angels can fly and you're far from that"
An average eight year old gymnast  with the average gymnast dream to become an olympian and to be on T.V.    I knew it wouldn't be easy but what dream is   Gymnatics isn't like any other sport
Year after year, day after day
Sharks! Have mercy on us! They bite, they hack Limbless, they'll abandon you To a fate in the murky waters   No, not the sharks They're not the predators, not this time. It's the fishers
You all judge the eyes I see the smile The brightness behind it The truth   I want to be a dentist Yeah I'm weird It is my dream   It was my dream Since I was 4
Your burning walls are crumbling My keys are left  amumbling Your doors are left unknowing And your support is quickly tumbling   What you have, cannot hide I know it's there and I don't abide
Crinkling paper, grey and bold- writer's envy, of he or she's position there;   Could there be a time,  when my ink-doused hands forge the Newspaper- Could there be a time, 
Lost and Alone   Like a black dot in an endless sea of white She was alone. The openness and emptiness was choking her Slowly encroaching on her space
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