Why not?


Why not? Screeched the babe in words unknown.

Because buttons aren’t for eating, but to be sewn.


Why not? Pouted the child, as she sat down on her bed.

Because if you keep jumping, you will bump your head.


Why not? said the daughter as she held up desired clothes.

Because maybe I want to know what happened to rest of those.


Why not? Struggled the older girl as she held up mom’s drink.

Because goodness gracious what would the neighbors think?


Why not? Said the teen holding up a dress.

Because you will make your father a nervous mess.


Why not? Asked the girl to her father.

Because sometimes not all things work out with your mother.


Why not? Said the wife to her man.

Because I’ve done all the trying I can.


Why not? Cried the mother to her delinquent of a child.

Because maybe if you weren’t so suffocating I wouldn’t want to run wild.


Why not? She says with a small smile.

Because I don’t want to be separated by miles and miles.


Why not? Asked the woman alone and wracked in grief.

Because maybe it is time for you to turn over a new leaf.  

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Poetry Saved Me

I am in love with this poem to be honest. There is not much else to say, I love it!!!


This is lovely...Especially the last two lines <3

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