Why I Smoke

The stinging of my lungs as I inhale in 

The smell of burning paper and fumes fill my nose

The smoke disappears before my eye, becoming one with the air around it

The taste of a bitter, yet some how sweet, craving being quenched


Before I met you, cigarettes where a disgusting habit I never wished to take up

Before I met you, the smell of it's burning toxin made me cover my nose

Before you, I coughed at even the sight of that grey air admitting around me

Before you, nicotine was a drug that my lips had never tasted


You lips were firm around mine, transferring the passion you felt into me

You smelt like a mixture of that scorched tobacco and the sweet cologne you always wore

Watching clouds tumble, roll and dance from your open mouth hypnotized me 

You tasted like the poison your lips had taken in, and as you kissed me it seeped into mine


I was addicted to you, to your kiss

And when you took away my stimulant I got withdrawals


I had to feel the warmth at my mouth

I had to smell that disgustingly enticing aroma 

I had to see that hypnotic tread again

I had to taste that enslaving savoriness again


I smoke because it's the closest thing I have to you 



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