Why Do I Write? I wish to Live.

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 16:54 -- JoC


Why I Write?

What kind of question is that?

Why do you breathe?

Why do you speak?

Why do you sit there and think?

Some Dance and sing

Some Do math and physics

Some solve the problems of the world!


But I?

I write.

I write of heroes and villains,

Of Love and Loss,

Of hate and fear,

Of finding and loosing,

Of wishing to be everything and being nothing,

Of everything I could ever want!

So I can sit there and be someone else,

If only for a couple lines or a couple of pages,

A couple of stolen hours.


I write to bring happiness,

I write because that’s the only way to express what I feel.

I write so that I can escape this endless life and be something…



The answer to your question is this.

I write because it’s all I can do.

I write because this life is suffocating me.

I write to be something I wish I could be.

I write because sometimes the skin on my bones itches,

And I must itch this scratch, somehow.

I write because there is nothing else I can do to get these feelings


I write because I have no choice.

I write while my fingers bleed and my pen runs out and I have to carve the words into myself.

I write because I have nothing else.

I write because…

I write…



Why do you breathe?

Why do you speak?

Why do you sit there and think?

Life is something I want to live.

I write to live my life,

Because if I didn’t,

I would take it.


Need to talk?

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