Why couldn’t you love


Why couldn’t you love me?

I couldn’t even ask you to.

Yet relentless is the love I want to

shower you with, a soul I’m

connected to through an

imaginary meeting… a smile I wish I could



A dark little secret that cloaked my mind…

and my skin, an open book to all who could see.

You left me exposed to chance, a life only

fate could decide.

The only thing you taught me was how

to conceal the bruises. You didn’t

save me. You didn’t ask.


Now I’m a slave to the bottle, my life

guarded by ring of smoke.

My lungs full of regret and wishes,

it’s hard to breath and even harder to speak.

Praying to a God that won’t answer my prayers,

when he can’t even hear me.


So read this close, give me no sympathy.

I am through being a victim of life,

for every minute is precious, there’s

no time to go back, the damage is

already done.

The bottle is empty, my ash tray full.

The only question I have is,

who’s going to love me now?



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