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Who knew the waves could be so cruel? I want to understand Why are the rocks forced to become  layers of fragile sand? They crash, they charge, the World was Ours, Water scatters like it fears
A deadly poison  A spooky spell Causes everyone to dwell Lures you in & spits you out    A shiny surface. A pretty face. Stains red all over this place.
They say Fire is a deadly thing because it can burn you they say knives are dangerous because they can cut you they say drugs are bad because they screw with your head
People draw with silver.  It comes out red. Magic? People walk with gravity. They end up weightless. Magic? People eat a day The food disappears the same day.  Magic?
I am not the violent type, no ? Can you not see? I see her last breath in her flat chest as she heaves.
Thump thump said the summer rain Once upon a time I was glad you came Your touch reminds me of the wind Of the moss and the trees
Secrets will be the death of someAnd if not physically then mentallyWe shouldnt keep secrets from our loved onesIt will scorn even the most forgiving, of course unintentionally
I've lost my taste for life The bitter flavors numbed my tongue Through prolonged exposure The stench of moral decay Deadened my nose to any pleasurable scent I can no longer make due with the sweetened illusion
sickly man walks so far deadly man falls so fast kingly man rises tall guilty man hides so well sickly woman covers up deadly woman twists too far queenly woman takes leaps and bounds
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