Why Can't You See?

Wed, 04/08/2015 - 22:00 -- MLE

It’s like you are blind

Except you’ve chosen this view

You’ve hallucinated this dilemma

All because I am not with you.


Well I’m not sorry to say

That I haven't an apology to tell

You had every opportunity to recover

But yet you still whimper where you fell


And since you’ve made your bed

I hope you find comfort in its coarseness

Is this clear enough for you?

Or do you plan again to contort this?


You can interpret what you want

Though your sight may be blurred

You’ve made your outlook opaque

You can’t tell me you don’t concur.


And if you truly do not

And you are just that far gone

Then I hope you wipe your eyes clean

And that in time you grow strong.



Hi, I love your poems, they are absolutely amazing! They have so much meaning and are so deep. Could you maybe take a look at my work? 


Wow, great way to not back down! Hold the line!

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