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It’s like you are blind Except you’ve chosen this view You’ve hallucinated this dilemma All because I am not with you.   Well I’m not sorry to say That I haven't an apology to tell
Don't let people get you down. Don't let anger control you. Don't let all hope be lost. Don't let hard times make you bitter. Don't let obstacles get in your way. Don't let a small thing ruin your day.
I swear to you that I haven't been keeping a record buts it's been 10 months 5 hours 33seconds since you walked out the door.
Scream, Sob, Let it out. Just make sure. No one hears you shout.   Writhe, Moan, Try to breath. Just make sure, No one sees you heave.   Collapse,
Everyone Has Their Story, So Here's Mine...
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