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Why do I surround myself by material people? Why do I try to fit myself in, when I am from an entirely different puzzle.   Why am I blamed for my trapped thoughts, while they look over me with pointed eyes
Lay down with me, I'll hold you in my hands so delicately, For you are the most precious thing I've ever seen, I admire you in the dark so affectionately.   In the night sky you shine so bright,
Everywhere we go, money here, money there Everywhere we go, it's jewelry or hair When you don't have something it's not fair How others have everything they get to wear
This ring and I have been through it all Seasons, months, funerals and joy This ring is my brother, my sister, and friend Till death do us part this ring is my man
Why can't that be me with the looks and the charm? Friends in vast places Skills and a swift mind Creativity, athleticism, and all
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