Where is Home?

I should have known the minute they started treating me different
Well, now I'm all grown and I'm getting thrown out of my ass
Forced to be all on my own, stuck with nowhere to call home
I go into the living room and all I see are pictures of everyone in the family except for me
So then I tried to include myself by putting a picture right there on the top shelf
Blood is NOT thicker than water
How could you throw out your own granddaughter?
You tell me that it's for my own good, but you would have done this years ago if you knew that you could
That picture of me that I had put up? Well they took it down
Why is because my skin is white and not brown?
Yeah I said it, don't act like it's not true
I wish you knew all the hurt that you're putting me through
This is no longer my home, is just four walls and a roof
I would cry but this mascara isn't waterproof
Well, I gotta go. I got a pack
Don't worry, when I leave I won't come back.

This poem is about: 
My family


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