When Into the Shadow Your Soul Starts to Fade

When into the shadow your soul starts to fade

I'll stand with a candle 'gainst infinite shade

Though candles are little and storms are so big

Still into the clay, my heels I will dig.

And if you remember when dark skies were blue

I hope you remember my soft "I love you."


I know what you'll say on those dark stormy days

You whisper I'm sorry's, I say it's okay's.

My arms be your comfort, your shield from the hurt

My eyes be your sentry to stand e'er alert

I'll scan the horizon for creatures of hate

And guard them from entering your mind's gilded gate.

Each time you softly say, "I love you"

I softly say back, "I love you too."


But sometime that not-You the other inside

The one with the murmurs so vile and snide

No. You're not worth it. They don't even care.

You destroy all you touch. You're a love catching snare.

You could hurt them you know? Would you even mind?

If you break hearts then break bones and then you'll find:

You like it, you monster. You're empty within.

You've nothing but passion, but passion to sin.

He stops for a moment to revel in glee.

And it's then that you look up and I hope that you see

Me. Sitting by you and lost in your thoughts

The battles we're waging, the wars that you've fought.

I say the few words I know are still true,

"I'm sorry. I'm here. I’ll always love you."


"For some lucky people," sometimes you've said,

"The sun's always shining, the blood hasn't bled

Every thought isn't wrong, isn't evil or cruel

They don't fight themselves in a paradox duel

They laugh. They talk. They can still see the light

That I can't. That I look for. With all of my might.

It's not there. I'm lonely. You can't understand

When your world is vibrant, and mine's ever-bland."

So I do the same thing that I always then do,

"I'm trying. I'm still here. I still will love you."


Your comforts corrupted, your fire burns cold

The happiness rotted by sorrow's rank mold.

The things that were ours and the things that were mine

Once beautiful, fall to the darkness' design.

Mechanical motions, emotions we fake

Each lies to the other for their empty sake,

“I’m fine, don’t you worry, there’s nothing to fear,

I’ll be just okay, as long as you are here.”

But within the lies are the truths coming out

“I love you, okay?” is all that they’re about.


I hope that my smiles are getting to you

And maybe you’ll love me again if they do

But maybe I’m only a stair in your flight

To the top of the darkness, the edge of the night

But always I’ll love you although it still stings

I’m playing on cliffs, but at least I have wings

And slowly our hike to the end of it all

Becomes more than struggles, a near endless fall

One day I know that I can look in your eyes

When soon enough I know that you’ll realise

That life can be good, and I know that you are

Goin’ to go to past the moon and the sun and the stars

That day when you're finally, joyfully free

I hope you'll look back and be looking for me.

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