Social Outcast

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Socially self-secluded because socially i do not exist, my thoughts cloud my mind  (outcast, loser, weirdo, dramatic, emotional wreck) these can not be repaired
This fear I feel is formed from my imagination.   Constantly contemplating where my life will be stationed.
My mom likes to  think I'm just like her That I love crowds of people and constant noise That I love calling all attention to myself And that I like conflict My mom thinks I hide my real self from the world
With everywhere she's goes 
The pale ghost stares at the filthy mirror. He sees not himself; with that happy scowl and playful temperment. The pale ghost makes the suface clearer. He sees not himself, but his own warm disembodiment. 
Stress, sadness, fear,wory. I have a mask to cover   that up.  Boredom, anger, doubt, loneliness, confusion,    regret. I can hide it. There truly is no know emotion
Why can't anyone see the me that is truly me? All they see is a mask That does the un me task the one that shows no fear the one who is not really here I wish to show you the me that is really me
I am a mask,So many think they know who I am,but they don't care to ask,Yes, they are content with my maskWho am I? One of many made to pleaseWho is me?
They made me wear a mask when I was younger. Days went by and a new stitch was added to the mask. It was starting to fit my face perfectly. "Do this," they said. "Do that," they demanded.
“Congratulations Mamn. She is a beautiful young girl. She will be called Jane 727,690,843.” Brown locks in frenzied curls Frame a round face Diamonds shoot from dark brown eyes A giggle surpasses rose lips
I walk into the room, no one looks up, I stand just outside the group, no one seems to see. At first I think, "It must be me." Then I realize, it's you.
Conforming, following the example set by your peers. Assimilate, DAWES, the norm. How is something so expected of the young adolescent so bad to actually do? You get accused of: copying, faking, being one dimensional.
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