What Makes Me Tick


Hard-to-peel oranges and sticky hands,

Expensive wifi or cancelled plans,

When I can't make up my mind, 

or when nobody understands, 

These are a few things I cannot stand. 


If I get hungry after my teeth have been brushed,

If I see a toilet that hasn't been flushed, 

If I'm running late, or I'm having to rush.

Sorry, if I'm making a fuss...


Matching both socks is of great concern.

Whenever my parents are being too stern,

When everthing's borrowed, but nothing's returned;

These are a few situations I spurn. 


That noise balloons make when you rub them,

If someone's annoyed and I don't mean to bug them, 

How my siblings react when I try to hug them,

Sorry... I can't help but love them. 


Whenever I'm somewhere too high in the sky, 

People who eat with their mouths open wide,

or don't use their turn signals whenever they drive,

My god, I'm lucky to still be alive. 


Not understanding something in class,

Sitting on the ground in itchy grass,

broken glass or smelly gas,

Hopefully, it will pass. 


Whenever it's late, and I'm at home alone,

If it's someting important, please answer the phone.

When a young child acts like they're grown,

Ice cream: in a cup, not a cone. 


Eating a peach when I'm close to the pit

When somebody's angry, and I'm taking the hit 

How I'm never quite sure what I'm going to get. 

These are just a few things that make me tick. 


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