What is love?

Why does everyone want love when they know what it can do to you, it can break your heart so can you tell me why does everyone want it? Is it so they can feel good inside only to be hurting on the out or is it just so they can say that they feel loved. What is so big about those four letter word that first time couples are scared to speak, who could have ever guessed that four words can have so much meaning to some people and little to nothing at all to others. What is the point of saying you love someone it's just a overly used word for an underly used emotion. So tell me what is love and if it's just in the same way you say I love cake or I love the color blue. Why do we use the word love to express our opion on what we think we feel about another person. Is there a suck thing as love or is that a easy way out of expressing the passion and romance we have lost as generations past.

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